Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 1 - NYC

After surviving the crazy cab ride, we dropped our bags off and headed to Ground Zero. We stopped in at St. Paul's Chapel first. It was an eerie and sad feeling standing in the cool cemetery, which is the only spot of green around, and looking at the gap where the twin towers were. The trees in the cemetery sheltered the church and not one pane of glass broke when the buildings came down across the street.

This picture is on the opposite side of the World Trade Center site. You can see the green patch of trees at St. Paul's. The tall black building just to the right of the cemetery is the Millenium Hilton. I couldn't help wondering what horror the people in that hotel witnessed on 9/11.

Another shot of the rebuilding going on.

Next, we went to some other sites in the Financial District. I took a picture of the JP Morgan sign mainly to show the security that is now common down there.

Peter on Wall Street.

I think it's a Bull Market!!

We ate lunch at Battery Park with a view of Lady Liberty and Ellis Island.

Lastly, we met up with Peter's parents for a nice dinner.

Day 2

Okay, you see all kinds of wierd things in NYC. This first picture is in Greenwich Village. These guys were advertising their show by handing out flyers and playing the guitar. (Yes, in underwear!)

The second picture is a dog run in Washington Square park - another great place to people watch. Whoa!

This was just a fun photo opp!

A shot down to Times Square. The Ed Sullivan Theater is on the right. That is where the Late Show is filmed.

This is for Michele. This is the window that Audrey Hepburn peered into in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Day 3

The first picture is a new apartment building that I just had to get for obvious reasons.

Next is the Empire State building.

The last pictures are of the beautiful Central Park!! Notice the girl roller blading. She was putting on a show like she was in an ice skating competition. Also, the older guy just to her right was doing some kinda Karate - tai chi thing. People watching is soooo fun there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice Kids...

Crazy Kids

The 42 hour drive didn't kill them...

here they are! We had a great visist. Thanks for staying an extra day!

Sophia and Olivia saying "Bad-bye"

Awww, cousinly love!

Kielen and Olivia

The big girls being big! I refuse to envision this in a few years when the Barbie Jeep is no longer good enough! Ugh.

Christoff and Vivian Crusin'

Who says we don't have anything for boys to play with... even if it is pink!

God bless this mess!

This is what happens when your only one and feeding yourself lasangna because your mom is busy feeding everybody else and your eye itches, and you just have to rub it. Then the salt makes it itch even more. Oh dear... what is one to do?

Spring has sprung!