Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS at home!

Thanks to all who helped us have a fun time doing VBS at home. We had all the crafts, lessons, music, and even some video (thanks Mrs. Harless). God is so good! Here are some pictures of Olivia teaching from her class notes. She did a good job trying to make it exciting; you can see how attentive her students are;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monthly Infusion Tomorrow (8 more to go)

Update: Everything went smoothly today at the clinic. Now that we have been home a few hours she is fussing and grabbing at her nose. This is what she did the last time her head hurt. It seems like she feels pain just below her nose. She is consolable, but not herself. Thanks for praying; hopefully the pain will dissipate by morning.

Tomorrow we head to Children's Hospital for our day long infusion. We also have our last large blood draw we have been doing for Dr. Pranzetelli's research. This is the type of draw we often run into problems with her blood clotting too quickly. We have to draw the blood before starting the infusion so the IVIG doesn't skew the results.

Please pray that:
- The blood draw will go smoothly.
- Annabelle won't have any negative reactions to the infusion (during or after).
- We are protected from illnesses we could pick up at the hospital.
- I will be patient with whatever challenges come.

Thank you to all who pray so faithfully for us. We truly rest in the fact that we know prayers go up for Annabelle regularly. Thank you for that ministry.

A little surprise!

Thanks a lot Denise - look at my child crying because she couldn't have her candy NOW!!!

They all say thank you. They can't wait to tear into it. (Yes they have to wait until after lunch!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Little Vase of Clover

I was getting ready to empty this vase of dying clover one of my girls happily picked for me when I remembered how I had been a little hassled at the prospect of being given a handful of weeds to preserve in some water in my house. However, today as I thought about my little vase of clover, it hit me that one day I won't HAVE to preserve any clover so that feelings won't get hurt. One day there won't be anyone happily picking clover for me. This little vase of clover suddenly represented much more than weeds to me. It represented the child's heart full of wonder, excitement, and love. The little hands that picked the clover and the sparkling eyes and smile that came with the delivery are what I'll remember. Oh, thank you Lord for the precious vases of clover. Help me to receive them with a joyful heart full of wonder.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Friday Funny For You

Here is a funny and creative pair of web commedians /entertainers. I always wondered what they were talking about on this song. Well, I still haven't figured out much of the facebook lingo yet, but I have learned what a "mini feed" is. So, I hope you all enjoy this cute song.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet 6!

Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday when grandma and grandpa came to celebrate. I'll have more from today later.

This is one is for the Shooks - Thanks Uncle Dan, Aunt Steph,
Emily, and Katie - I loved my gifts.