Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annabelle is Three!!!

This is Annabelle's
"pool cake" she asked for. She has great memories of going swimming last year at a neighbor's pool. So I made a pool cake. She is sooo excited to be "bigga". She is excited about having a baby brother too. Yesterday she said, "How long until I'm grown up... I want a baby in my tummy too." She is a lot of fun and keeps us laughing.

At her infusion, she got to use her new Color Wonder stamps from Aunt Steph, Uncle Dan, Em and Kaite.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy To Be Home - IVIG Infusion Tomorrow

We are home from Springfield and are happy that we may never have to go back again. Dr. Pranzetelli and his nurse Liz were very pleased with Annabelle's physical tests. They do all kinds of skill tests looking for levels of mastery and ability. They said that the next two months are a critical time to watch for relapses. So, we are to continue being careful and then slowly ease back into normal activities while still being careful not to go around those who are sick - easier said than done.

Annabelle's spinal test came back within acceptable limits which was also good to hear. We hope that this is gone for good, but we won't know until we pass the next two months and the first fever and illness. Soooo, we will continue to pray for the grace to handle whatever God allows in her life knowing that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you to all who follow her updates and pray for us. We are comforted by your prayers.

We have her monthly infusion tomorrow at the clinic. Please pray for protection and a good day as we were sitting in the car most of the day today and will be sitting most of the day tomorrow for the infusion. She is a trooper, and I am blessed to see that most days she handles these inconveniences with a pleasant spirit. I think that I am the one who is a bit worn out from the events this week. Only one more day and then a 4 week break. Yay!