Thursday, January 29, 2009

Infusion and other happenings...

We have our monthly infusion today along with an appointment with a plastic surgeon who is advising us on a mole that needs to come off Annabelle's cheek. Please pray for wisdom, safety and all to go smoothly. I'll update more on this later. Gotta run. Thanks!!

The day went smoothly. The plastic surgeon said he was willing to try to work out scheduling the mole removal with her next MRI. Now, it is just making all the details come together. They would have to transport Annabelle from the operating room to the MRI area while under general anesthesia. SO, they are checking into the details of doing that and if it is allowed. It makes me a little nervous. Please pray that if this is supposed to work out that it will. And, if not, that two separate general anesthesia experiences wouldn't be too much on her. Thanks.

Some are probably wondering, "What is this mole that has to be removed?" Well, she has a Spitz mole on her cheek that they believe is a benign melanoma. I didn't know any melanoma could be benign, but this kind is. Even though it is benign, they like them removed so that they don't ever turn into something bad. I hate that it is on her face, but at least someday make-up can help hide a scar:) I'll update more when when we have a date scheduled and I have more details. Thanks for those who continue to check and pray!

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