Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Days!!

Friday's MRI and mole removal went well. We were scheduled for 1:00 but didn't actually start until 2:30. Annabelle hadn't eaten anything since the night before, and amazingly she never mentioned food or being hungry once! She did seem tired, quiet, and a bit nervous the whole morning. About every half hour she'd say, "Mommy, you go with me?" It was so sweet and sad because I had to tell her that I could only go so far with her and then she had to go with the doctor. When the time came, the surgeon carried her bouncing and trying to keep her from totally losing it. She did pretty well at keeping under control. She is such a trooper. Her scar on her cheek looks pretty good. I think it will heal pretty well and not be too traumatic for her down the road.

Now, we will wait for results of the MRI and mole biopsy. Hopefully, they got it all and we won't have to repeat the process!!

On another note - we finished her shots this week and said goodbye to the blood pressure machine, calcium, and Zantac that she had to take because of the steroids!!!! We are greatly relieved to be off of the ACTH and are greatful for the prayers and protection we have recieved while on it. She did not suffer the negative side effects that were possible. We know that prayer made a difference. THANK YOU!

I'll update the blog with the results of her test when I get them both.

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